Priority Room

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Incorporating a play room in an otherwise “not so often used” dining room is a brilliant option if you have a young family and need space to “LIVE”.  Putting priority and practical above what the builder “planned” doesn’t have to … Read More

Basement Water Woes!

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Finishing your basement? We suggest you inspect the walls for cracks before they are closed in. Hairline cracks may never cause issues but other larger more obvious ones in locations such as around windows are often a flood waiting to … Read More


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Ever feel gratitude so BIG  you don’t know how to express yourself?  Seems like no words can express how you feel? Simply say ‘Thanks”! So on this Thanksgiving, we are grateful for: God Our Parents and Family Our colleagues, business … Read More


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Pop your Porch with colorful, comfortable seating.  Cushions made with Sunbrella Fabrics  are guaranteed to last for many years with sun fading resistance and superb quality. With furniture as beautiful as this you’ll be feeling summer year round as you … Read More


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A Brighter World is proudly Canadian and supports Canadian Manufacturing of custom window blinds and draperies! Does your window covering manufacturing tag boast “MADE IN CANADA” ? Here are 150 Canadian Facts in just 150 seconds! ENJOY and have a … Read More

Killer Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen renovations can require quite a significant budget.  However, with just a few changes, you can bring the WOW! into your kitchen without breaking the bank. Under-cabinet lighting brightens work space and corners while new hardware creates a modern feel. … Read More

Arch Window Dilemmas

Arch Windows add architectural interest and provide lots of extra light during long winter months. However, on hot summer days this beautiful design feature can be bit of a nuisance when trying to block heat, light and U.V rays.  In … Read More

Would you or wood you not?

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Laminate vs Hardwood When choosing a wood flooring, hardwood is often preferred over laminate.  However, there are benefits of choosing the latter.  Unlike hardwood, laminate flooring does not fade in the sunlight, is resistant to stains, impacts and scratches and … Read More