About us

At ABW, our TEAM members are as unique and different as the projects we complete, but we do have a lot in common (check out hobbies!) and one harmonious factor is the desire for excellence.  The combined talent, skills and creativity from our team ensures your project has been given full attention to detail and is finished with excellence.

Meet our Team


Project & Team Management

Favourite food:  All things Pasta
Hobby:  Gardening and listening to music
Strength:  Organization
One wish:  Health for family and friends


Decorating Specialist & Project Facilitator

Favourite food:  Seafood, all the way…
Hobby:  Browsing antique and vintage shops – peace and quiet
Strength:  Juggling (Projects, not balls!)
One wish:  An end to homelessness


Lead Painter & Renovation Assistant

Favourite food:  Lamb – lamb chops, lamb shoulder, lamb stew, lamb… well, you get it!
Hobby:  Playing piano
Strength:  Patience
One wish:  Racial harmony


Renovation Technician & Project Specialist

Favourite food:  Sushi – isn’t a balanced diet holding a sushi roll in each hand?
Hobby:  Creating and recording techno music
Strength:  Meticulous
One wish:  Peace and harmony