Shedding a little light on your walls

Ever wonder why the exact paint looks different on one wall than another? Or, have you wanted to transition colours and go “just” a shade lighter or darker on the same swatch, only to discover that may not be enough contrast?

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding on paint color is the lighting.Rona’s Workshop guide will give you some tips as to why this might be happening.  Color temperature of light bulbs and the influence of natural lighting will literally change the color of finishes and paint!

When choosing lighting for your newly renovated or decorated space, our staff at A Brighter World can assist with that.  And, you can also get guidance from our expert and professional electricians at  Agentis Electric who can offer different bells and whistles with certain fixtures like, pot lights or under cabinet lighting with switches, to change the color temperature.

In any case, a little knowledge and understanding will always help with making those decisions and your WORLD will be a little BRIGHTER!