Priority Room

Incorporating a play room in an otherwise “not so often used” dining room is a brilliant option if you have a young family and need space to “LIVE”.  Putting priority and practical above what the builder “planned” doesn’t have to be unsightly!

Despite being thousands of miles apart, a virtual color consultation between ABW and the client with Sherwin Williams fan decks and the client’s own painting skills, this PRIORITY room was transformed the second day after moving in!


“It may be the only room in the house that’s even close to done, but I love it!”

Reynolds Play room

Sherwin Williams SALTY DOG SW 9177

4 Responses

  1. Nicole Sartorelli

    I would agree with Cathy; the best design incorporates both form and function…what a fun and pretty place for your sweet baby to play, grow and learn.
    A Brighter World and this DIY nailed it, well done! …..and COLOUR CONSULTS via Facebook, is there anything you can’t do Cathy! A Brighter World is always going above and beyond for their clients!

    ~ a loyal follower and paint supplier
    Nicole at Sherwin-Williams

  2. Alison

    Being a graphic designer, I am very picky when it comes to color, our previous home we didn’t paint anything but the nursery, with a brand new build I was overwhelmed with the options and which direction I wanted to take our whole home. Oh the pressure! The playroom/dining room was the only room I had even a clue what I wanted to do, with the help of a brighter world, we were able to coordinate colors throughout the whole home to make it feel cohesive and fun . Thanks to cathy for all the help! More photos will follow

    • Cathy Kelly

      My pleasure Alison. Thank you for the opportunity to provide a virtual colour consult. Your home is looking amazing, enjoy!