Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As part of the growing community in the Guelph and surrounding area, renovators and decorators such as ABW have been kept busy with endless amounts of possibilities!

Listing a home to sell generally entails a basic facelift and sometimes a few renovations are required to entice the buyer.  But more recently it seems as though houses are flying off the market, upgrades or not!  In fact, the market is currently so hot that people are lining up and multiple bids are allowing sellers to capture an even greater return on their property.  Sometimes selling for over asking – even for fixer-uppers!

What does this all mean when it comes to renovating and decorating? The seller can reserve those valuable upgrade dollars and use towards their moving costs or upgrades in their next home.

Then there are other cases where homeowners are choosing to “stay put” and investing in their current home.  A Brighter World recently shared an article in the Guelph Chamber’s first online newsletter discussing this topic and some things to keep in mind.

Bright, Open and Airy

Are you face lifting your property to sell? ABW can help.

Are you planning on staying in your home and need some guidance to plan your upgrades? ABW can help with that too!

Whatever your next project, A Brighter World can assist. Contact us today!


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