Guelph Basement Renovations

Basements can often be considered depressing, cold, boring, and wasted. Doing a Guelph basement renovation properly will not only add real estate value, but it can be designed to be comforting, inviting, beautiful and an extremely essential living space for the whole family. Layout, lighting, and finishes will all play a part to creating comfort and making use of every square inch.  Oh – and LIGHTING!

Do you live in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo or Cambridge? Are you thinking it is now time to improve the living space in your home? Consider renovating your basement with A Brighter World, a locally-owned and family-operated renovations company in Guelph. A basement renovation is an excellent way to add value and increase living space to your home.  Many of the most expensive elements of building a home are already in place including plumbing, water, electricity and other utilities, and of course a sturdy foundation, walls and a roof so finishing the basement will provide extra room for your family and friends.

More space for family and friends

Kids grow fast and as they do, they need a place to play on their own or hang out with their friends. At A Brighter World, we are not only experts at finishing basements, we are parents too! We understand the growing needs of space and will provide practical advise to make the most of your renovations and develop the ultimate design to increase your family’s living space at the most reasonable cost.

Guelph basement apartment

Not only can your Guelph basement renovation increase your family's living space now, it can also be upgraded as a legal basement apartment which can provide a secondary income.  Guelph is a university city and a shortage of housing means your home could help with affordable housing for a long term tenant or for a mature student.

A basement apartment can be utilized in many ways as your family needs change For example:

  • Live-in accommodation for your children’s caregiver.
  • Somewhere for your own child to live, while attending university.
  • An excellent space for an elderly parent or in-law to live, where they are independent but under your care.

Besides all the advantages of owning a home with a finished basement apartment, it will add significant resale value when you are ready to move to your next home.Especially in Guelph, a university city.


Why consider A Brighter World for your basement renovation?

We have many years of experience providing a variety of renovations for customers, many who contact us for repeat business and recommend us to others.

A basement renovation is an investment.  It is a project that requires significant knowledge of materials, design,layout and project management.  Your free, no obligation assessment will provide an opportunity for us to collect general measurements and details to provide an estimate that can be compared to others.  Our on site visit also allows you to be comfortable to ask questions, where we listen.

Make your basement renovation project a reality

Whether your basement renovation plans include an accessory apartment, a hobby room, or simply a comfortable play area, A Brighter World is here for you.

If you live in Guelph or the surrounding area, contact us today for your free, no-obligation estimate.  Give us a call at (519) 856-0969 or reach out to us by using our contact form through the button below.

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